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How to EASILY improve your internet speed when working from home

How to Easily Improve Your Internet Speed When Working from Home

Your home internet connection is probably the biggest bottleneck when working from home. Let’s remember, the service providers designed their networks to optimize download speeds for streaming, and not upload speeds that allow you to share, video conference, and better work from home. Furthermore, most of the home internet services from AT&T and Comcast are…

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4 Ways Architects and Engineers Can Make Remote Work Productive During a Global Pandemic

4 Ways Architects and Engineers Can Stay Productive During a Global Pandemic

As COVID-19 spreads, many schools and businesses are transitioning to “remote work” situations to avoid large gatherings of people.  Chances are that your firm is facing a work-from-home period, and if your business isn’t used to functioning outside of the office, you’re probably concerned about productivity levels.  For architects and engineers, the challenge is that…

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Three IT Mindset Shifts That Will Give Your Firm a Competitive Advantage

One of the best things about modern technology is that it’s essentially as versatile as it is powerful. Your IT infrastructure can be anything you need it to be at any given moment as the possibilities are truly limitless. That can be an exceptionally exciting position for any creative endeavor like an architecture firm to…

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The Cost of Outdated Technology for Your Business

At ArchIT, we work with many SMBs, architecture, design and engineering firms who are struggling under the weight of their old technology. The higher intensity an industry is, the less likely a business is to maintain its technology solutions. Unfortunately, this also causes problems for the business: without the right technology, it’s easy for your…

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Managed IT Services Cost

How Much Should Managed IT Services Cost Your Architecture Firm?

Complete Managed IT Services Cost and Pricing Guide for Architecture firm owners! Many owners of architecture and engineering firms we talk to want to know how much they should expect to pay for managed IT services. One size never fits all, so it’s a difficult question to answer. But today we’re explaining the general cost…

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Grow Your Architecture Firm

3 Steps to Grow your Architecture Firm With the Help of Technology

Yes, I know! Growing your architecture firm from a small one-person operation into the practice of your dreams is not easy. It takes discipline, determination, a huge amount of resources, and some luck along the way. However it has been done before, and it has been done many times over. In this post, I’d like…

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Five Best Managed It Services providers in the San Francisco Bay Area

Five Best Managed IT Service Providers in the San Francisco Bay Area

Every month, we at ArchIT meet with many Architecture, Design, and Engineering firm owners in the San Francisco Bay Area to discuss their technology needs and challenges. Moreover, because so many folks know our thoughts and feelings (from this website) on all things related to technology for the AEC industry, they often ask us who…

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Key benefits of managed it services architecture firms already know

Key Benefits of Managed IT Services Architecture Firms Already Know!

During our many conversations with architecture firm owners and CFOs we often get asked the following question: “How is managed IT service different from “normal” IT?” “Why should my firm switch to using managed IT services, and paying monthly for IT, instead of having our IT person come around only we have a problem?” “What…

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