Key benefits of managed it services architecture firms already know

Key Benefits of Managed IT Services Architecture Firms Already Know!

During our many conversations with architecture firm owners and CFOs we often get asked the following question:

“How is managed IT service different from “normal” IT?”

“Why should my firm switch to using managed IT services, and paying monthly for IT, instead of having our IT person come around only we have a problem?”

“What benefits of managed IT services am I getting for my architecture firm?”  

We thought it would be a bright idea to put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) and answer these questions for you.   In this article you will learn the following three things:  

  1. How the IT business proposition has evolved in recent years.
  2. What are managed IT services?
  3. The seven key benefits of managed services to you Architecture firm.

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After finishing this post, you will have a clear understanding of how implementing managed IT services can help:  

  • Reduce operations costs
  • Get maximum returns on your technology investment
  • Accelerate and propel your firm ahead of competition

Let’s begin in three…two…one.  


Information Technology has been spreading into all facets of the business, large or small, in recent years (from sales and marketing to online training). It is now essential for CEOs, CFOs and smaller firm Owners to have a highly qualified IT staff, to make sure their technology is running at optimal levels, and to support their business needs, to produce better results than the competition.  

However, it’s not easy to achieve these goals, with less financial resources, generally available for small and medium-sized firms. Maintaining your own, well run, IT department can take up too much budget and time resources. Even then the business results are not guaranteed, due to lack of expertise in specific areas of technology and lack of strategic thinking in other.   These disadvantages have led many small and medium architecture firms to turn to Managed IT service providers to become their virtual IT department.  


Managed Services is the proactive management of an IT (Information Technology), by a trusted IT partner, typically known as an MSP, on your behalf. The operative distinction that sets apart an MSP is the proactive delivery of the service, as compared to reactive IT services, which have been around for decades (from MSPAlliance)  

Based on the definition above there are two models of management that exist:  


In this model, your IT services partner manages every aspect of your IT environment from the endpoint (laptop, desktop or mobile) to the server, local or cloud. Your MSP partner becomes your virtual IT department and is involved in every decision from beginning to the end. You get everything from collaborating with leadership on the strategic IT business initiatives to helping install the latest patches on laptops, desktops, and servers.  


In this model, your managed services provider works closely with your existing IT resources to manage specific sections of the IT solutions matrix. Their role may be limited to providing support for only the most complex of IT issues, or it could include all the daily maintenance tasks, such as backup administration, anti-virus updates and application rollouts.   Both models are valid and are used with equally great frequency today. However, in our experience, the fully managed model is more successful and creates better value for your firm.  

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Benefits of managed IT Services


There are numerous benefits to partnering with a Managed IT Services Provider. Today we will focus on what most architectural design and engineering firms view as the biggest reasons for their business thriving over the competition.  

Predictable Monthly IT Costs

It is difficult to plan and budget for technology, as things can change in moment’s notice. Remember that ransomware attack two years ago, or a server crash last year? When that happens, you use up your budget for unplanned repairs.   The managed service model offers a benefit of fixed-cost, helping you predict your IT budget more accurately. We built regular maintenance and repairs right into your contract, so you don’t have unexpected service costs popping up. We’ll also help you plan for future upgrades so you can invest wisely in new technology, rather than facing surprise capital expenditures.  

Stay Focused on Moving Your Firm Forward

People are happiest doing what they do best. You are great at what you do, and so are your employees. Stay focused on helping your clients and moving your business forward.   We’ll take care of your computers, keep your data safe and secure, and make sure your software and hardware are running at peak performance.  

Fully Staffed IT Department and Technical Expertise On-Demand

At a fraction of the cost of hiring and training internal IT staff, your managed services provider will become your own, fully staffed IT department. Your provider invests in its staff on your behalf, to ensure the engineers are experts in the latest technologies available in the marketplace.   You will get every IT department position, from desktop support to systems administrator, to CIO. Your organization will need these roles at various times, and you will get them on-demand, and for one nominal monthly fee.  

Decreased Technology Risks

Put the responsibility for addressing day-to-day IT challenges and implementing a proactive IT approach in the hands of trusted professionals. It will reduce the number of unexpected problems as well as their negative effects on your employees.   It’s awesome to have a partner that is as interested and invested in keeping your environment up and running smoothly, as you are.  

Access to Enterprise Technologies for a Fraction of the Cost

Working with a managed IT provider allows smaller companies gain access to the similar technology and expertise that large companies enjoy.   Your partner has the processes, ability, and expertise to scale down the leading technology solutions the large companies are using so that your business can establish and maintain its competitive advantage.  

Realize a Technology Edge Over Competitors

Technology services providers keep up with the latest information technologies through ongoing training and real-world experience. We know how to implement the latest hardware, software, and network applications available. As importantly we know which technologies are not worth the investment.   The ability of managed services providers to make rapid moves helps smaller firms be agile in their business approach, creating an additional advantage over the competition.  

Attract and Maintain A-level Employees

Today employees expect to be up and running with current technology solutions that help them exceed, and not just meet expectations. Minimizing downtime and allowing your employees to do their work and be creative, lowers stress and increases the moral in your workplace.   Working with a managed IT partner and adopting a strong technology culture leads to attracting and retaining the best talent in the marketplace.   With all these benefits and more, it’s easy to see that Managed IT Partnership works to your advantage in a variety of ways.   If you liked this post check out our Managed Services Pricing Guide to learn how much Managed IT services should cost your firm.   Exclusive Bonus: Get The Managed IT Services ROI Calculator FREE!