Boris has been our go to expert on all complex questions and challenging updates with our network for a few years now. He redesigned our network, took us from mostly physical to entirely virtual servers, figured out the routing issues with meshing MPLS, SD-WAN, and automatic ISP failover. On top of excellent technical skills, Boris is great with managing complex projects and even has a good sense of humor. I would highly recommend Boris, unless he’s busy working on a project for me!

Robert Adams, Vice President of Information Technology, Commercial Real Estate

No More Worrying about Technology!

Focus on What You Love to Do Most – Improve Our World One Project at a Time!

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MSP 3.0 Fully Managed IT Solutions for AEC Firms

In today’s day and age, to be successful and get a leg up on the competition, most businesses need to consider themselves a technology company first. The mindset for this would follow the formula of:


“We are a technology company that…” for example: “We are a technology company, that works on mechanical engineering projects” or “We are a technology company that helps design and build office spaces.”


The businesses that adopt this mindset will excel in the near and long term future, as technology helps them become more agile, efficient and effective at everything they do. However, this becomes another thing to worry about for business owners and partners. Although we are now exposed to technology every day in our homes, it can be overwhelming to think about it in our business lives as well, especially when the stakes in a business settings are a lot higher.


The goal of MSP 3.0 is to help business owners of Architecture, Engineering and Construction firms, stop thinking and worrying about technology related issues and focus more on their business. To have more time and do things they love to do most.


We become your fully staffed IT department at a fraction of the cost of hiring internal technology talent. You will get every IT department position, from desktop support to systems administrator, to CIO. Your organization will need these roles at various times, and you will get them on demand, and for one nominal monthly fee.


Also, you will get free access to a standard set of tools and services that are required to run technology operations successfully and keep your business and your data protected, safe and secure.

The Cloud – Stay Above the Rest

Does your firm experience problems with sharing up to date drawings and models data with clients and partners securely and efficiently?  Are you tired of investing money into your local infrastructure every few years? Do you know about all applications and data you have in the cloud? How do you integrate all of our cloud applications into one ecosystem?


Working with and experienced Cloud Solutions Provider will help you answer all these questions and solve your challenges, to keep your firm above your competition.

Security – Protect Your Sanctuary

Have you recently suffered from IT downtime because of a virus? Did you fail to get a big project because you did not pass a security audit? Does keeping sensitive client data make you uncomfortable?


Cyber Security is important for any business, even if you think you don’t have anything useful for the “bad guys.” Let us guide your firm in implementing the most effective strategies, to keep your data and environment safe and secure.

The vCIO – Your Strategic Technology Consultant

Do you still think of IT as an expense rather than an investment into your business? Do you need help defining and implementing an IT strategy? Do you lose sleep over your IT budget, or don’t have one at all?


Your virtual CIO will help you solve all these problems. Your vCIO will talk with you regularly to identify new challenges as they arise, and work with you to keep your practice growing and prospering.

Backup and DR – Keep All Your Data Safe

Are you tired of swapping out USB drives or tapes every night? Do you know if your backups can be trusted to recover data? Will your firm survive a localized disaster such as power outage or a fire? What about a data loss event? What will you do in case of a flood or an earthquake?


Answering these questions may not be as easy as you think. Let’s work together to implement a worry-free backup solution and design a disaster recovery plan that will keep your firm running for many years to come.

Mobility – Your Data Anywhere

Are you tired of juggling multiple sets of paper drawings at the job site? Wouldn’t you love to conduct a remote client presentations quickly and securely? Did you know that tablets and smartphones are the next major targets for cybercriminals? Do you  keep track of all the mobile devices and your firm’s data on them?


Mobility can help your firm reach new heights in business. The convenience of having your electronic data anywhere allows you to collaborate better with clients, consultants and peers. Let’s work together to nurture your mobile initiatives into full fledged solutions, providing maximum benefits with minimal risk.

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