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for Architecture, Design and Engineering Firms

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Tired of dealing with generic IT providers that rely on you to be the expert?

ArchIT was founded on 15 years of experience providing IT support to Architecture, Design and Engineering firms. After working in the space for so long, we saw the same problems arise over and over again...

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Your IT provider doesn’t understand the software tools that you're using on a daily basis

They lack experience with Revit, Autocad, Bluebeam or any other software used by your firm.

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Your IT provider doesn’t get back to you for urgent matters

If you have a deadline and you lose access to your project files - getting them back suddenly falls on you.

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You’re trying to integrate new software and technology into your design process, and nothing seems to work

Your software vendor sold you a bill of goods, and left you to figure out how to get it working.

When you're focusing on problems like these, you're not working on your next big project. If you’ve found that dealing with your IT provider has become a project of its own, then you have to ask yourself:

Isn’t it time to switch to an IT provider who understands the business of architecture as much as you do?

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The IT Support Firm for the Architecture, Design and Engineering Community

At ArchIT, we believe that supporting the technology of the Architecture, Design, and Engineering community doesn’t have to be as complicated as some would make it out to be. And with a strong understanding of AutoDesk and most other applications you rely on, a focus on providing respectful and responsive support to technical issues, and leadership that takes a “seat at the table” for all of your IT decisions – it really isn’t.

Our clients tell us that their projects run smoother, their people are more efficient and their businesses see greater levels of success with an IT support company that’s dedicated to supporting them, and their specific needs in the business of architecture.

Is dealing with a generic IT provider weighing on your business? What would working with an IT company that is built to support architecture, design and engineering firms do your business?

Schedule a getting-to-know you call with us and find out: can ArchIT help you?

What’s Included

The ArchIT Managed Services Partnership process dives deep into your business and aligns your objectives with the right tools and technology that allow you to achieve the results you're looking for.

IT Assessment

Our network assessment is the first step in any onboarding project. During this time we thoroughly review your IT environment and confirm any assumptions we have made in the pre-sales process. 

IT Foundation

Then, we fine-tune everything in your environment with the goal of removing IT bottlenecks and preventing future disasters. This leaves everything in an optimal state which we can fully maintain.

IT Management

We proactively manage your IT infrastructure with our remote monitoring system, identifying and remediating any potential issues before they ever cause any harm to your systems or ability to work.

IT Support

When things stray from an optimal state, we are on top of it fast. We receive help requests from users, automated alerts from software, and reports regarding overall security and hardware status.

IT Leadership

We are your strategic advisor for everything related to technology. We meet with you regularly to explain new technological advances, discuss challenges and figure out the best strategic approach to move forward.

Our Customers

Sometimes our customers can express our value even better than we can. Here’s what one Architecture firm with locations spread throughout the United States had to say about their experience working with ArchIT:

Photo of Diana Marquez
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"The ArchIT crew takes care of our computers and our networks. They are great! They are professional, prompt and very effective. They listen to us and go out of their way to make our problems go away."

Diana Marquez

Architect, CSDA Design Group

Dedicated to the Design Community

We’ve committed ourselves to solving the IT problems of the architecture, design and engineering firms, and make the same promise to all of our customers:

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Be the expert
You’re hiring us to understand your business and make the best IT decisions for you. When you work with ArchIT, you will only work with industry experienced IT professionals.
Be responsive
We understand that in the architecture and design world, deadlines are everything. If you have an issue and you have a deadline coming up - we’ll find a solution.
Be Proactive
We’ll always make sure your systems are up to date so unplanned issues don’t come up, as well as will meet with you regularly to explain new technological advances in the industry.

Providing Better IT Support for the Design Community, One Project at a Time

We’re confident in the value that we can provide to architecture, engineering and design firms, but we’re not for everyone. Is our strategic and proactive approach right for your business? Let’s find out.
Give us a call at 415-745-9501 or click the “Let’s Talk” button below to schedule an introductory phone call.