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How Architects Use Technology as a Competitive Advantage

Many companies we speak with are just focusing on survival right now, however, the true visionaries in the Architecture/Design/Engineering space are treating these MURKY TIMES as an OPPORTUNITY.

Unleash your team

COVID-19 impacted all of our work. Learn how to enable effective collaboration and communication tools to elevate your team's ability to execute and get more done with less.

Defend Productivity

Unexpected downtime is the killer of productivity. 10 Architects, billing at $200/hr @80% efficiency not working for a day will cost your business $12,800. We'll show you how to develop simple processes to Successfully defend your productivity.

Protect your business

Cybercrime is a multi-billion dollar industry. At some point, every business will be targeted. Learn what it takes to secure your business in 2020 and beyond.


Boris Rapoport


webinar Alex

Alex Osenenko

VP, ArchIT

"Thank you ArchIT for hosting this timely topic. Boris and Alex covered some potentially complex and important subject matter with some much-needed levity and in easily understandable terms. Kudos for keeping things upbeat and forward-facing."

Takashi Fukuda
Consulting Business & Operations Manager

“Time well invested. I learned something new at the webinar even though I’m already a client of ArchIT.”

Jackson Ng
Senior Associate, Director of Technology
BAR Architects