Is your Partner Track a Win-Win?

Hello and welcome to a brand-new episode of Design and Influence. Today we wanted to share a success story of Randy Waldeck, who made Partner is CSDA Design Group in just 3 years and is now leading a brand-new division.  

How a win-win Partner Track Nurtures Top Talent.   

Great people are the most important asset to the success of any business. A well-developed partner track will help you attract and retain top talent.   

A good partner track is a matrix of expectations like compensation, company revenue, and overall profitability benchmarks, conduct expectations inside the company, and more, all clearly laid out.  

It is a road map that propels your best people to the top and into a position of organizational leadership.   

As an acoustical engineer, Randy made partner in just 3 years and now he is leading a new division of acoustical engineering consulting within CSDA. The new division is called Resonance Acoustics and it will operate as an individual entity, a sister company to CSDA.  

The Devil is in the Details for AEC Entrepreneurs.  

Tools, systems, and processes need to be developed early and constantly re-evaluated to drive your team’s productivity.  

“The mathematical formulas are always the same”, Randy states. It’s all about storing, utilizing, and delivering this data to clients in the most efficient and effective manner.  

Using specialization as a Superpower. 

Being focused on a specific type of customer allows you to solve deeper problems, win more deals, and increase profits.  

Architecture business is not considered and large margin business. There is a lot of competition and your ability to deliver what the client wants, at the best price is what usually determines whether you land the project or not.  

It is great to have the best design chops out there, but in reality, many clients already know what they want and have a limited budget to get it done. A firm that specializes in a particular type of project will usually get it done faster and more economically. That’s what clients really care about and that is the best way to stand out from the crowd and grow.  

Know your numbers.  

It is vital for any AEC company to have the leadership to understand the numbers that drive the business. Budgets, P&L, and your Partner Track are all foundational to the success of your business. Give your firm’s financials and performance metrics the attention they deserve and watch your business thrive.  

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