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How ChatGPT will Reshape Architecture Businesses.

As an Architect, you understand the importance of staying ahead of emerging technologies in the field of architecture, design, and engineering. One technology that has caught our attention recently is Chat GPT, an artificial intelligence model created by OpenAI that is trained on data freely available on the internet.

In our recent episode of Design Under Influence, we discussed the potential impact of Chat GPT on Architecture businesses. The model’s ability to produce full, complete answers to open-ended questions that encompass all the data on a subject and then some, makes it a valuable tool for businesses. However, as the technology becomes mainstream, it’s crucial for businesses to ensure that their data is their own and that they have access to it for use with AI tools like Chat GPT.


We recommend that businesses start thinking about how they can have access to their data in a way that it can be easily queried and trained on by AI tools. This may involve switching to more open standards in order to allow future tools to access and analyze your data.

Additionally, we advise businesses to be cautious when migrating to new tools and not to neglect the historical data. It’s important to remap the historical data into the new tool, instead of just dumping it into storage that may not be accessible later on. This may require additional effort and cost, but it will be a big advantage for the business in the long run.


Chat GPT is a powerful technology that has the potential to revolutionize how businesses operate. As a team, we believe that it’s essential for businesses to start thinking about how they can use this technology to their advantage and be prepared for the disruption it may bring. By taking the necessary steps to ensure access to and control of their data, businesses can fully utilize the capabilities of Chat GPT and stay ahead of the curve.

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