Autodesk License Conversion

Today our topic is Autodesk licensing and the conversion from a network user to a named user.  Several of our clients have had issues with the conversion, and we want to help others who are facing similar issues.   

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Potential Difficulty with Conversion 

Autodesk is converting everyone from a network licensing model to a named user model, which requires using your email address to access your software license. One difficulty with the conversion is that if an employee hasn’t used a tool for some time and their license was changed over to the new named user model when they attempt to open it, they may receive an error message about licensing. If this occurs, there are some additional steps that need to be taken in order to open properly.  We will go through those steps here. 

If you receive an error message about Autodesk licensing, you cannot simply cancel or disable the message.  It will not allow you to hit next, and the message will continuously pop up.  There are a few steps that need to be taken to files that are associated with the license.  You will need to clear those out and reset the license activation.  We have developed a quick guide to walk you through that process. This will help you resolve the issue or work with your internal team that administers your software.  We developed this process to assist others as the Autodesk documentation on this specific issue is found in many different articles in different places.  

Autodesk Offers 30-day Grace Period for Conversion 

We would also like to mention that since changing their licensing in May, Autodesk offered a 30-day period to convert the license within the software.  If you performed the conversion within the first 30 days, then you should have no problem.  You will want to make sure that all your key members can start using the new license.  To do this, open the Autodesk software, whether it is AutoCAD or Revit, or another tool you are using, go to help menu, and click “change your license” or “convert your license” from the dropdown menu.  This will present you with a sign-in window.  Here you can sign in and get the new license going.   

Autodesk Conversion Does Not Work for Licenses Prior to 2017 

There is a secondary issue that we have noticed with some of our bigger clients who are still using older versions of the software for older projects.  They have found that licenses prior to 2017 cannot be converted.  The conversion only works on the past four releases of Autodesk.  The current year of Autodesk is 2022.  Since you can only go back for four releases, if you are running Revit 2016 and have a project in Revit 2016, there are two courses of action you can take.  The most direct, in terms of communication and correspondence, is to upgrade your project.  This is the step most favored by Autodesk.  They would like you to convert or upgrade your project.  If that is not an option, then you will need to contact Autodesk or your reseller and have them request authorization for you to use the license beyond its expiration.  We were able to do this for a couple of our clients.  It takes about 45 days to receive the temporary license.  Hopefully, this video can help you think that through and take the best action possible.   

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