I had always wanted to be a building engineer when I was growing up. My father was a mechanical engineer, and we had many paper drawing and plans around the house. There was something about them, the smell of fresh ink and paper that always drew me to them. He did his drawings by hand and had a large (as it seemed to me at the time) folding drafting desk in his room. I remember the days when I used to sit quietly in the corner of the room and watch him work. It was enchanting. That desk drew me to it like a strong magnet. Could there be a better “toy” to play with for a young kid?  The swing arm with the right angle attached to it could do things it never knew possible when I got a hold of it. I spend hours a day playing with it, when he was at work, and remember it as it was yesterday.


My career took me along a different path, although engineering none the less. Over the years I have enjoyed helping many AEC firms with their technology problems. I have gained valuable knowledge and insights into the business and technology challenges of the design and build industry. I wanted to share this experience and expertise with many more Architects and Engineers, to help accelerate their business while utilizing technology to its fullest potential.


Thus, ArchIT was born in my mind and now into the world!


The vision for building this company is based on my core values of honesty, transparency, integrity, and authenticity. I want to have mutual trust and respect between our clients and us, and value that trust and respect above all else. I treat all my personal and business relationships the same way: I treasure every one of them!

Why Should You Choose ArchIT to Be the Trusted Technology Partner for Your Firm?

  • Because You Care About Your Firm!
  • Because You Want Your Partners to Really Understand Your Business!
  • Because You Want Your Technology Partner to Be Responsive, Proactive and Transparent!
  • Because You Need Strategic Technology Guidance and a Tactical Plan!
  • Because You Want to Grow Your Firm Using the Latest Technological Innovations!
  • Because You Want to Lower Your Operation and Administration Costs!
  • Because Your IT Guy May Be Leaving!
  • Because You Are Frustrated With Slow Response From Your Current Provider!
  • Because You Think You’ve Outgrown Your Current IT!
  • Because You Have Some Concerns About Your Current Provider!
  • Because Your IT Guy Needs Some Advice and Help!
  • Because You Want Someone Who Delivers on Their Promises!

Why Do We Do Our Best to Help Your AEC Firm?

Because We Want Your Firm to Focus on What  You Do Best: Make our Homes, Streets, and Cities Beautiful, Functional, Sustainable and Efficient!


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