vCIO - StrategiC Technology Consulting

The vCIO – Your Strategic Technology Consultant


Strategic Technology Consulting Services for AEC Firms

Do you feel overwhelmed by technology? Does it feel like your firm is lacking a sound technology strategy? Are your technology decisions made on the fly, spur of the moment, and may not always align with future business goals?


Many of the companies we work with felt the same way about technology.


After all, things were much easier when it was just you and a couple of other people in your firm. You could easily download apps like dropbox or google hangouts and solve your problems on the spot. You feel great about getting another thing complete and off our list, best of all the solution was free.


Now that you are growing, however, things are not as easy. You find that solutions that worked like magic before don’t always scale properly, and may not fully align with how you approach the business now or going forward. Also, there is much more overhead to manage these solutions, which may outweigh their benefits, in all. To address this, you or your employees come up with other technologies that could fill the gap, leaving the business to use and manage various technologies, which at their core all accomplish the same functionality. Now it takes even more overhead and resources to figure out who uses what solution and when. Even just thinking about it becomes overwhelming.


I have just described a tactical approach to making decisions. It is a good approach and works. However, there is one major flaw – it does not scale well, and may end up costing your firm in the long run.


We find that when it comes to making technology decisions most small and medium AEC firms are tactical. We help you solve this problem by including vCIO services with every one of our accounts.


The vCIO is you strategic advisor for everything related to technology. They will meet with you regularly to explain new technological advances in the AEC industry, discuss any new challenges that your business may be facing and work with you to figure out the best strategic approach to resolve those problems.


It is like having a best friend you can turn to for any business and technology advice.


Our vCIOs follow best practices methodologies developed over the years of working with AEC firms.


  1. Identify the problem and scope – We listen to you, review the perceived business or technology related challenge and work with you to accurately determine the cause and the extent of the problem.


  1. Develop a set of criteria for problem resolution – We then collaborate with you to outline a set of parameters and deliverables required to resolve the issue.


  1. Research and select a solution(s) based on the above criteria – We take the time to look for the solutions that align with the requirements from above and present our findings and recommendations back to you for the final decision.


  1. Develop a plan of action for solution implementation – Once you make a choice based on our recommendations, we work with you to create a timeline to put the solution in place.


  1. Implement the Solution – This is when everything gets created, configured, installed, tested and documented by our engineers.


  1. Review and evaluate the solution at regular intervals – We ask for your feedback regularly to determine whether additional changes need to be made, if you are getting value from the project, or if your requirements in that area have changed.


Rain or shine, day or night, your vCIOs is there for you with every step you take on your journey to business success.