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Cybersecurity Services for AEC Firms

Do you worry about cybersecurity?


As busy as you are running you firm, security of your technology assets is very low on your priority list. It’s understandable. After all your firm does not keep any sensitive client information, and there is nothing secretive about your projects.


Cybersecurity, however, is about much more than sensitive data or top secret information. It’s about ensuring that your business stays operational


Cybercrime has evolved in the last decade. It’s become a billion dollar industry. The “bad guys” have found a way to monetize much more than just sensitive information. With ransomware, they found a way to monetize downtime to your business.


It is estimated that in 2015  annual cost of cybercrime to the world economy was $445 Billion, it’s projected to rise to $2 Trillion in 2019.


Furthermore, it’s not just the big companies that get attacked.


According to Symantec’s 2016 Internet Threat Report, a staggering 43% of all security attacks target small businesses, that compare with 18% in 2011. The number has more than doubled in the last five years. Enterprises invest heavily in security and are perceived to be more secure, while small businesses become more logical targets for criminals since they can’t afford to invest as much.


As a trusted technology partner, we help Architecture and Engineering firms, protect technology investments from the “bad guys” and make sure the business continues to operate.


Our approach is simple:




  • IDENTIFY – We work with you to identify potential security risks to your firm based on the current state of your technology
  • ANALYZE – Help you gauge and understand the impact of the risks to your firm
  • PROTECT – Propose and implement strategies for minimizing the impact of the security risks
  • MONITOR – Continuously monitor your systems to confirm successful result and identify potential new risks
  • RESPOND – Provide 24 x7 response to new critical risk incidents


By following these tactics we keep your business and your data safe and secure!


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