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Mobile Technology Services for AEC Firms

Are you tired of all the paper drawings laying around at project sites? Besides taking up valuable space and being cumbersome to manage, it costs you and your client time and money to produce, and reproduce. Not to mention the impact it has on the environment (killing trees). What if there was a better way to achieve the same goals faster, cheaper and efficiently?


How about lagging a bunch of drawings or a big old laptop computer to a client presentation? Ever felt a bit out of place, when everything else you do in your life can be done on a device you carry in your pocket?


With recent advances in mobile technologies, it is now easier than ever to digitize your work life. A few tablet computers can replace all the drawings you have at a project site, and make collaboration and on the fly updates much easier. Creating efficiency for your AEC firm, and reducing costs for your clients.


However, how do you connect a mobile device to a projector? How do you print from it? How do you ensure that any data that resides on it is safe and secure? What happens if the device is lost or stolen? How do you differentiate between business and personal devices?


In our journey to help AEC firms eliminate technology worries, we have found answers to all of these and other questions. We use best of breed technologies to create a seamless yet secure user experience when using mobile devices at locally and at remote sites, would it be for client presentations or real-time project collaboration.


Mobile Device Management (MDM) – This solution allows you to secure cell phones and tablets similarly to how you secure a full blown computer and enforce your company security policy on any device. If a device is lost or stolen, you can track the device via GPS, or send a kill signal to wipe all data from the device the next time it boots up.


Mobile Anti-Virus – Mobile threats are getting more popular day by day, so having a good Anti-Virus on your phone is a must.


Enterprise Wireless Technology – Having an enterprise grade wireless network in your office allows for better mobile device performance while on premise.  Also, these types of systems support features to make mobile devices function as a full blown computer, seamlessly connecting to resources while maintaining access security inside your organization.


Are you ready to embrace mobile technologies in your business life? Let us help your firm on this journey to freedom! Ask for a free consultation now!


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