Backup and DR

Backup and DR – Keep All Your Data Safe


Managed Backup and Disaster Recovery Services for AEC firms

Have you ever thought about what could happen to your business in case of a fire in the building? How about a power outage that lasts for multiple days? What about a virus infection that wipes out all of your data? What if a major earthquake happens and your office is damaged and rendered unusable for a long time?


As owner or principal of an AEC firm, you owe it to yourself, your employees, stakeholders, and any customer you serve to answer these questions honestly:


  • Can your business survive and recover from a loss of critical data?
  • Is your business resilient enough to withstand short or long-term interruptions to its operations?
  • Do you have a plan and systems in place to continue business operations in case of unforeseen events?


Don’t worry if you answered “NO” to any one of these questions. We have helped many firms change that to a “YES”!


First, let’s define some terms.


Disaster – an unexpected event carrying serious destructive consequences.


This is any unexpected event that can adversely affect your technology and in turn your productivity and your business. We have seen many such events over the years and helped many firms recover and put measures in place to prevent such events going forward. Some of the most common disasters are:


  1. Virus Infections which make your critical files inaccessible
  2. Server failure and data corruption
  3. Major power outage in the building or the area
  4. Building flood or fire


Backup – the procedure for making extra copies of data in case the original is lost or damaged.


Having a backup makes sense. Having a good reliable backup makes even more sense. With our managed backup services you can have the peace of mind that your data is protected. We will fully manage the process of backing up all of your critical data, making sure there are multiple copies of the data in various geographic locations, and testing the backups at regular intervals to validate that the file recovery is fast and reliable.  Having a good worry-free backup solution is the first and major step to successful disaster recovery.


Disaster Recovery (DR) – is a set of policies and procedures to enable the recovery or continuation of vital technology infrastructure and systems following a natural or human-induced disaster.


Disaster recovery planning is a daunting task for many business owners. It takes a lot of time and effort, which can be put to good use in other areas of your business to produce immediate results.  We would love to help you. Our proven disaster recovery planning methodology can take you from the beginning to the end of the process.


  1. Perform a Business Impact Analysis (BIA) to access the impact of every system on your business under various disaster scenarios (localized, minor, major)
  2. Create a technology DR plan based on the Business Impact Analysis
  3. Implement the solutions and policies identified in the plan
  4. Test and validate every step of the DR process and functionality of the solution
  5. Maintain the plan, and make changes as necessary to accommodate additional business systems
  6. Perform regularly scheduled DR tests to ensure functionality of the solution
  7. Incorporate the plan into the firm’s full business continuity initiative


Let us help you minimize the risks to your business, and make your firm more resilient to any disaster large or small.